Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Happy First Day with a Directed Drawing...

Hey everyone! Lindsey here and seriously I can't even believe I'm writing right now. Our first day was today and I am T.I.R.E.D! You all know how I'm feeling! Knock on kiddos are great so far! YAY! Let's hope it stays that way:)

Okay before I hop into my NOW favorite first day activity I have to have a momma moment. My baby girl is going to KINDERGARTEN! Seriously...I can't even handle it.

This girl...her school had a Kindergarten event on the playground and she just walks up and starts talking to kids and BAM! she's got new friends. WHAT?!?!? Social butterfly, as I'm over here crying my eyes out...

Enough of that!! Let me tell you about my new favorite activity. I am OBSESSED with directed drawings. Nothing is cuter than these drawings!!! So, of course, I turn to Jennifer White at First Grade Blue Skies. Her directed drawings pack is AH-MAZING!

We started by reading this gem...

My kiddos loved the book! We wrote about our favorite thing to learn about in school and THEN...our drawings...

Insert heart-eye emojis!!! (Which I don't know how to do on the computer)

Seriously, Jennifer's directed drawing set is awesome! She has directed drawings for each month AND video links. You can't go wrong, I mean look at these cute raccoons! They are just my favorite!!! My kiddos just ate this up. They really got into it and some of them were SO proud of themselves:)

I promise to hop on next week and tell you some more about what we are up to. Now I'm off to have some ice cream and watch some Golden Girls before I crash:)

Happy Wednesday!!!

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