Thursday, July 30, 2015

Five for Friday

Hey friends!  Long time no see!  We have been busy enjoying the balanced life that teachers only get during summer time.  What have you been up to?  Here's a little Five for Friday thanks to Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching.

Summer time means spending more time with the children in your family. This sweet grandbaby spent lots of time at Grammy's this week.  We HAD to make cookies.  I think that is a must-do with Grammys and Grandbabies.

Then we headed out to the garden to work on her fairy garden!

When she went home, it was my turn to do some gardening.  I had a No, she's not a bear.  She's a newfoundland. We have two. They are huge, but if you read our blog, you already  know that.  :-)  They keep us on our toes, along with their golden retriever/lab sister.

This sweet little boy!!! Grandbaby number two. He is having his tonsils out today and we aren't there because they live half way across the country in Texas.  :( Sigh. But I've got a ticket, so I'll see him

What else has been going on? We are soooo excited about our new product we've been working on to make your life oh-so-much easier for guided reading. In summer, we have all these grand plans in our heads for how our guided reading groups will go. Then reality hits in know...meetings on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings....and afternoon meetings sprinkled throughout the week, too!  So you end up grabbing resources for guided reading groups on the fly far more often than you would like, right?  Yep, we feel your pain.  So although we have a book room full of leveled books, it's still not good enough. That's why we make our leveled reading passage sets to be all inclusive and integrated into your science themes.  And now....ta da....we have "Ready, Set, Go"  guided reading sets for levels A - I.  We've been working on it all summer and are in the final push this week, 'cause we know you all need it soon.  Stay tuned and follow us on Teachers Pay Teachers so you'll be the first to know when it's ready, and when all of our new non-fiction leveled passage sets are ready, too! By the way....Boomer was our chief publisher and editor.  He gives it two paws up!  Sheesh....we can't do anything without being supervised by these furrykidz!  (Our third pupster could care less! Ha!)

Hey...go enjoy the last few weeks of summer!  You deserve it!