Thursday, January 1, 2015


Hey everyone! Lindsey here and I am linking up with Farley for January's Currently linky party:)

While my kiddos are winding down for bed they like to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Who doesn't like the hot dog dance??? I think that they are going to be super excited to go to Disneyland next year and see all the characters from the show...and of course the princesses!

I LOVE being home with my kiddos and hubby on this break. I was very lucky that my husband took vacation too so we both got to be home. It was such a great time to just re-charge and do things as a family:)

As this vacation winds down I am starting to think about all the things I should be doing to get ready for next week. Don't you hate that? I still have a few days but I guess my brain has different ideas. Luckily, I got most everything done before break but I am planning to start my differentiated centers when we come back and there is still a few things I need to do to be ready for those. Laminate. Cut. Repeat.

I was feeling pretty good before Christmas about my organization. I cleaned out 4 tubs of toys and I thought we would be good to go. Then came Christmas. Now it seems we have NO SPACE! Back to the organization drawing board. Do you think I can get it done before Monday???? Let's hope!!

I've done it again. I've been staying up WAY to late and sleeping in WAY too long! Now I am all off my schedule and even kids are too. Now we all have to work to get back to a regular schedule before Monday. Wish us luck. I fear I will be paying for it come next week:(

Every year I set a goal for myself to be more active then I was the year before. I usually am good until about September. Then I am EXHAUSTED. I am excited to use Xbox Fit to help me reach this goal. I also am going to try to give up caffeine. Wait. I don't mean give up. Like forever? Let's not get ahead of ourselves. We have an on/off relationship and I think it is time to break up for awhile. I usually try to clean it out of my system for a few months and I am ready to do that now. Get a clean start:)

I wish for one more week. An extra day? A late start? 

There's no snow in the forecast.


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I hope everyone is having a great New Year! Here's to hoping your new year has a smooth start!!


  1. Who doesn't love the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? There have been times in my household where Micky Mouse Clubhouse is on and the kids are in bed. :) I hear you, I totally wish there was another week of holidays! Have the school dreams started yet? Mine started three days ago!!! I have no idea why! I enjoyed reading your post.
    Emmy Mac's Class

    1. I hate school dreams. Luckily mine have been holding off. Doesn't that just stink?!?! I am NOT ready to think about that yet!!! Three more days...:)

  2. I have a lot of the same things on mine! I need to get organized also!! Toys is a huge problem at our house too. We got one child's room together and now I need to do the other one.

    Also, I didn't even think about the sleep schedule...but mine is crazy too!

    I love your cute blog! I'm your newest follower!


    Mrs. Payton's Precious Kindergarteners

    1. Thank you!! I think that these toys multiple in my sleep!

  3. I've spent my time off with my nieces and have listened to Mickey's Hot Dog Dance everyday, several times a day. I could go for more time off also, but would probably spend most of it thinking about school. Good luck with the caffeine cleanse!

    First Grade a la Carte