Sunday, November 2, 2014

Hot off the presses!! Veteran's Day Passage set!

Happy Sunday Night!!!! Okay...more like dreaded Sunday night but I was trying to put some cheer in it:)

Lindsey here, and I know I was already on here yesterday telling you all about my week. BUT, today we had a 'GRU' know..."Light Bulb!" Okay, if you haven't seen Despicable Me then you have no idea what I'm talking about. More importantly, if you haven't watched Despicable Me what are you waiting for?????? Such a great movie!!!!

Anyway, back to why I'm here. After church today we were talking about some ideas for future passage sets and we were like "light bulb!" why don' we do a set for Veteran's Day??? DUH!!! So we hurried home and got to work and...


Here is our newest passage set!! All about Veteran's Day! Here is a look at the passages...

Not only did we make sure to include six different levels of passages, A - I, but we also have our questions page.

Now, even though I have it pictured with the H/I passage, you can use this question page with any of the levels of passages. We also have vocabulary word cards with definitions, a vocabulary word card game, a vocabulary word sheet and exit slip.  You can click on the cover picture or click here, or here, or here to get it:)

Here's a teaser of what else is coming...

Hopefully we will have this one finished up soon and posted. Stay tuned...

Now back to your regularly scheduled Sunday night:)

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